Meeting the Crossmodalists

I don’t think I could’ve squeezed more culture into my Sunday if I’d tried…

This morning I went to the Royal Academy’s exhibition on Abstract Expressionism – one of the first exhibitions since the late 50s to bring together some of the artists that defined this movement. With a plethora of works by Pollock, Rothko and their contemporaries under one roof it is well worth a visit.

With a brief stop off at Dover Street Market for a coffee, we then made our way to Carousel in Marylebone for an evening of Crossmodalism. I was fascinated when I first heard about the Crossmodalists at a foodie meetup I was attending. My rudimentary understanding was that they were a bunch of interesting people exploring the overlapping of our senses (for example how music can change how something tastes to us) and encompassing an eclectic range of different backgrounds (art, science, psychology, cooking and so on).

The meeting had a slightly unexpected start with a talk on mosquitoes from a PhD student, which whilst interesting wasn’t necessarily what I was expecting. The real highlight, however, came from filmmaker and artist TEREZA STEHLÍKOVÁ who has dedicated her work to exploring the tactile language of film. In other words she explores how we evoke a sense of feeling and present-ness through the medium of film.

Tereza showed one of her shorter pieces Summer Rituals, which you can see on her website here. She then shared with us her latest work Dinner for Deep Sea Divers which was a fascinating exploration of seafood by two diners who made full use of their senses to experience the food. Combined with a soundtrack which prickled the senses this was a fascinating first experience of Crossmodalism, and as someone in the audience suggested my only regret was that I wasn’t able to enjoy the experience live.

So for the curious foodies and culture seekers among you, check out the Crossmodalism group on Facebook or their website and come along to one of their future events!

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